Rules & Regulations

1. An IS must abide by the rules, regulations, social morals and conventions of China, as well as regulations and rules issued by OUC.

2. OUC respects ethnic customs and religious faiths of an IS, but does not provide places for religious rites. Such activities and gatherings are strictly forbidden on campus.

3. An IS must strictly comply with Chinese laws and regulations, and fulfill relevant procedures for examination and approval for taking part in such activities as publication, association, assembly, and demonstration.

4. According to relevant regulations, an IS is strictly prohibited to set off fireworks and crackers in dormitory buildings or on campus. Any violators shall be punished, or even be prosecuted for their criminal liability.

5. An IS who drives an automotive vehicle to school must obtain traffic permit from the Campus Security Office. Motorbikes are not allowed to enter the campus.

6. Without permission, an IS shall not post, or give out any printed materials and other unauthorized items.

7. Any activities disturbing the normal order of teaching, scientific research and living on campus are strictly forbidden, including gambling, excessive drinking, fighting, drug taking and drug trafficking. An IS shall not impede other people’s normal activities under the OUC regulations.